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Space Diamond

Illuminate your look with these geometric glow-in-the-dark earrings.

$15.00$40.00 Incl Sales Tax

These geometric designs are drawn from nature and represent the atomic structure of a diamond. Then comes the glow. After endless trial and error, we finally found the magic formula: a blend of resin, glow powder, and a super-secret ingredient that makes our earrings unlike any others out there. Leave these earrings where they get sunlight and watch them come to life at night. Charge them under a UV light source for extra glow—our mighty pocket flashlight goes everywhere we glow. Beyond eye-catching designs, we also want our earrings to be high-quality and comfy to wear. That’s why we use only sterling silver for our earring hooks – we’re not messing around when it comes to your earlobes!

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